Licensing / Ratio

All of our 3-5 programs (36 months to school age) are licensed through Vancouver Coastal Health.

The 3-5 Programs are licensed with a 1:8 Ratio

Creekside 3-5 Program (23 children in the 3-5 class)

The Cottage (16 Children in the 3-5 class)

What happens within our 3-5 Programs

A fun and safe learning and growing Child Care Environment

Group Time / Literature exploration / songs and movement

Sensory Play / Science experiments / Nature and our world / Cooking

Fine Motor & Gross Motor activities both inside and outdoors

Creative Arts & Dramatic play

Outdoor Games and Activities

Community Activities / Family Community events

Members of the Charros Community Garden.

Field trips / daily walks and outings

Special Visitors and In-House guests